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Hookah Bowl Grommets

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Black 2 Pack Mod Bowl Grommet
Black Mod Bowl Grommet
Black Silicone 2 Pack Bowl Grommet
Black Silicone Bowl Grommet
Bowl Grommet - Mod
Bowl Grommet - Mya
Egyptian Bowl Grommet
Egyptian Bowl Grommet 100 Pack
Mod Bowl Grommet 100 Pack
Mod Bowl Grommet 100 Pack
Mya Bowl Grommet 100 Pack
Silicone Bowl Grommet 100 Pack
Silicone White 2 Pack Bowl Grommet
White Mod 2 Pack Bowl Grommet
Bowl Grommet - Shika

Hookah Bowl Grommets (Gaskets)

Bowl grommets ensure a tight seal between the shaft tip and bottom of the hookah bowl. We offer a few styles and sizes in order to meet the needs of a wide variety of hookah and bowl sizes. Never get caught without this inexpensive hookah part, because they can be the most critical in certain situations.

Egyptian bowl grommets are made of a tough plastic and medium in size. These are fairly universal and come standard with most Egyptian, Nammor, and Khalil Mamoon hookahs.

Mod bowl grommets are made with a thicker, spongier rubber and are ideal for larger bowls with wider openings at the bottom. These are the largest and widest bowl grommets on the market.

Mya bowl grommets are our smallest option. They are ideal for bowls with a thinner opening. They are made of silicone and are "squishy-er" which can give your bowls more bite when pushed down on them.

These products are priced individually, but sold in multiples of 10. Any order with an odd number will be rounded up to the next multiple of 10.

Bulk pricing available when buying in multiples of 100, just ask us!