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Hookah Hose Tips -Outside Fitting (Female)

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Outside Fitting Mouth Tips for Hookahs

Outside fitting mouth tips aka female mouth tips are individually wrapped, sanitary mouth pieces that fit inside the hose opening with a tapered end. They are compatible with hoses that have a smaller tip, such as the Mya Metal Tip Hoses, Mod hoses or some of the traditional Cobra and Syrian hoses. Some hookah lounges can use the outside tips in reverse, as an extra wide inside fitting mouth tip for hoses with extra large openings, such as the Mya Silicone Hose or Starbuzz Maximum Hose.

Outside fitting tips in this category are unbranded generic tips or may have a brand name from time to time, but these are sourced from various factories depending on availability and pricing.

***The pictures above represent the general size and style of the tips. Color and packaging can vary from shipment to shipment.

Buy Outside Tips in Bulk

Each bag of outside fitting aka female mouth tips contains roughly 100 pieces. When you buy in quantities of 20 bags or more, you can save a few dollars, so why not just buy in bundles of 20 to save time and money. The last thing you ever want to happen is to get stuck without tips on the weekend and scramble to keep your lounge going.