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Hookah John Knurl Hose

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Hookah John Knurl Hookah Hose

Everybody knows that keeping things clean and sanitary is important at every lounge or catering option. During these times, this translates to home use too even if you're sharing a hookah with a close friend or family member. These disposable hoses hit great and allow you to insure that everybody customer gets the cleanest and safest experience possible.

Hookah John Knurl Hookah Hose Parts and Quality

These are some of the highest quality disposable hoses you'll find on the market. The tubing is light and flexible and the handle grips nicely. We tried these here in the office and were able to get perfect seals easily. This means, more smoke and no leaks which will give you fuller, bigger clouds with one of the cheapest hoses on the market.

We recommend using the Jumbo, Dual Sided, or Pharaohs mouth tips with these hoses.

**Please contact us for pallet quantities and bulk pricing.**