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Hookah Manhattan

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Blue Manhattan 1 Hose Hookah
Red Manhattan 1 Hose Hookah
Red Manhattan 2 Hose Hookah

Premium Manhattan 1& 2-Hose Hookah (formerly Tempest)

A prettier and more affordable two hose hookah you are not likely to find! The Premium Manhattan 2-Hose hookah is a gorgeous modern style hookah with a number of beautiful swirling color options. The stem sports a rock hard acrylic portion that mirrors the color of the base. The stem of this hookah is made with stainless-steel and has a premium finish to make it shine! Thanks to the stainless-steel, you never have to worry about this hookah rusting or corroding. You also never need to worry about ghosting shisha flavors spoiling the hookah's next smoke session - one quick rinse with water and the Manhattan will be good to go!

NOTE: These hookahs previously came with a hard case. They are now sold in a box and the price has been reduced accordingly.

Manhattan Specifications:


18 inches


Mod Bowl


Washable hose


Black, Blue, Green, Red