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Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

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The Carbine Hookah from Starbuzz

The Starbuzz Carbine - "The Ultimate Hookah System" has arrived and is blowing away all hookahs that have come before it. This is an ultra premium hookah for high end consumers who always want the latest and greatest toys and aren't afraid to crack open their wallets. The design is based on some serious military hardware and the performance of a top shelf rig like this is unparalleled. This totally unique hookah comes in over 15 color styles, includes variable LED lights, rotates and so much more. Your customers who enjoy the best of the best will absolutely love their Starbuzz Carbine.

The Ultimate Hookah System Features

This hookah includes a 4 leg adjustable stand for stable footing in any environment and allows you to adjust the height of each leg for a totally customizable foundation. The down-stem includes a built in 25mm diffuser but it can be removed if you prefer smoking without it. This diffuser help divide the air bubbles into smaller sizes which increases bubble surface area and allows more filtration and cooling through the water. That creates smoother smoke for bigger clouds as well as quieting the sound.

To add some extra ambiance, the base includes an LED lighting system with remote. You can cycle through the solid color settings, rotate the colors or set it to a smooth color fading transition to set the mood. And if that's not high tech enough, the Starbuzz Carbine hookah is built with a 360 degree rotating stem, so passing the hose in your group will never create a tangle and prevent most tipping issues.

This hookah includes a premium bowl upgrade to a serrated phunnel style bowl to trap the shisha flavors and create thicker clouds of smoke. The included hose is silicone with and anodized aluminum handle that is color matched to the many different designs available. That makes the hose not only super stylish, but also fully washable so you keep this hookah and the flavors pure and pristine.

Starbuzz Carbine Specs:


28-30 Inches with adjustable legs


Stainless Steel CNC production


Silicone Hose with color-matched handle


Ceramic Serrated Phunnel


360 degree Rotating base/stem with LED light