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Hookah Starter

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Quickly Start Hookahs with Hookah Starter 1.0

This unit has passed the test as a new hookah gadget that is worth adding to any hookah arsenal. The Hookah Starter is the answer to the prayers of hookah bar employees across the world. This compact, battery-powered device belongs at the prep table of every hookah lounge.

We highly recommend only sending hookahs to your customers that are ready to smoke on the first pull. When hookah orders get backed up on Saturday night, it's hard not to serve hookahs before they are ready, just to keep things moving. The Hookah Starter will help alleviate some of that stress.

Hookah lounge employees have been manually starting hookahs for years. The first few minutes are the least enjoyable and often have the worst taste. Coal fumes, flavor ghosting and stale hookah hose odors can be a real buzzkill! Don't let your customers start their session with a bad taste in their mouth...literally.

Hookah Starter Pro 2.0 is Here (currently unavailable)

We just got the newest batch of Hookah Starter Pros in the warehouse. So what's new? The packaging got a face lift, with new color scheme but that's cosmetic. Inside the unite we found an upgraded fan blade design that creates more suction than ever before. You can pick up the last remaining stock of the first HSP, or dive into the future of automated hookah suction.