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Hydro Herbal 500g Tub

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Grouped product items
Aurora (pineapple) - Hydro 500G Jar
Avalanche (banana) -Hydro 500G Jar
Black Widow (blackberry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Blue Viper (blueberry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Citrus Twist (lemon lime) -Hydro 500G Jar
Dr. 23 (Dr. Pepper) -Hydro 500G Jar
Electric X (wild berry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Flower Power (sweet rose) -Hydro 500G Jar
Grape Min -Hydro 500G Jar
Green Ice (spearmint) -Hydro 500G Jar
Hurricane (mixed fruit) -Hydro 500G Jar
Hydropeach (peach) -Hydro 500G Jar
Hydropurple (grape) -Hydro 500G Jar
Jamaican Mint -Hydro 500G Jar
Kali Drizzle (Grape Bubblegum) -Hydro 500G Jar
Lemont Mint -Hydro 500G Jar
Les Deux (double apple) -Hydro 500G Jar
Maui-500G Carton Hydro
Melon Dew (melon) -Hydro 500G Jar
Molly Mint (Watermelon Mint) -Hydro 500G Jar
Prism- Hydro -Hydro 500G Jar
Qing Rubus (blue raspberry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Razmataz (raspberry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Red Lightning (strawberry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Red Venom (cherry) -Hydro 500G Jar
Red Yummi -Hydro 500G Jar
Sun Ray (orange) -Hydro 500G Jar
Tangerine Feen (tangerine) -Hydro 500G Jar
Tropical Storm (mango) -Hydro 500G Jar
White Yummi (Pineapple Bear Candy) -Hydro 500G Jar
Xai (Chai) -Hydro 500G
Hydrojava (coffee) -Hydro 500G Jar

500 gram Tub of Hydro Nicotine-Free Herbal Shisha.

Hyrdo Herbal Shisha is a nicotine-free, tobacco-free, and tobacco tax free shisha that has made a big splash with its 2009 release. Hydro produces some of the thickest, puffiest smoke of all herbal shisha available. The mouth-watering flavors surpass any and all other brands in the tobacco-free niche market. The bright colors and modern design will surely grab the eye of your customers. Best of all, its made right here in the USA!

Available Flavors:

Aurora (Pineapple) Avalanche (Banana) Black Widow (Blackberry) Blue Viper (Blueberry) Citrus Twist (Lemon/Lime)Dr. 23 (Dr. Pepper) Electric X (Wild Berry) Flower Power (Rose) Green Ice (Spearmint) Hurricane (Mixed Fruit) Hyrdojava (Coffee) Hyrdopeach (Peach) Hyrdropurple (Grape) Kali Drizzle (Blueberry Grape) Les Deux (Double Apple) Melon Dew (Melon) Razmataz (Raspberry) Red Lightning (Strawberry) Red Venom (Cherry) Sun Ray (Orange) Tangerine Feen (Tangerine) Tropical Storm (Mango)