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Kaloud Lotus III

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Kaloud Lotus III Argis Niris Stainless
Kaloud Lotus III Argis Nubis Cyris Stainless Steel
Kaloud Lotus III Auris Niris Stainless Steel
Kaloud Lotus III Cyris Nubis Stainless Steel
Kaloud Lotus III Niris Argis Stainless Steel
Kaloud Lotus III Niris Auris Stainless Steel
Kaloud Lotus III Vertis Green Aluminum
Lotus III - Kaloud - Aluminum
Nirius Black Lotus III - Kaloud - Aluminum

Kaloud Lotus III Heat Management Device

We're all pretty big Kaloud Lotus enjoyers here at Hookah Wholesalers and extremely excited for the newest iteration of their industry first heat management device. Like its predecessors, the Kaloud Lotus 3 is made with High Grade Aluminum so you can have confidence you're getting the cleanest, smoothest session possible. With the elegant dome design your Lotus 3 customers will give a peak Hookah experience in a most aesthetically pleasing package. The Lotus 3 adds built in handles to offer a smooth rotation making heat management as simple as can be. Once your session is done, simply use the handles to remove the Lotus and you're good to go.

**Does not include the Samsaris Vitria hookah bowl**

Color Options

The new HMD comes in 2 colors: Silver and Black. Pick a design that fits your style.

Recommended Hookah Bowls to Fit the Kaloud Lotus Plus

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