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Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II

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Kaloud Vitria Glass Hookah Bowl

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria III (3.0) Hookah Bowl

Aptly named after the intriguing nighttime summer bugs, the Firefly bowls feature a unique paint splatter finish that definitely lives up. Equal parts wide and deep, this hookah bowl will fit 15-20g of shisha. The center spire will help keep juices and flavor in but the holes on the spire help to create better airflow and thus contributing to a better smoke session. The Firefly bowl is also compatible with the Kaloud Lotus.

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria III bowl takes the best features of the original Vitria bowl and improves a few features to improve performance, increase durability and provide you with the best smoke of your life...or your customers' lives.

The original Kaloud Vitria was the most innovative hookah bowl of the 21st century. Made from space-grade silicon, the Samsaris Vitria III bowl is virtually unbreakable. The silicone is wider to accommodate the larger glass insert, and holds more tobacco for even longer session. With the Kaloud 3, the glass insert has a built in groove to hold the lotus, which prevents the extreme heat from directly touching the silicone and degrading the bowl over time.

The silicon and heavy duty glass can withstand heats of up to 600 degrees (F), and allows for the Samsaris Vitria's unique design, which includes a raised center spire (for trapping flavorful juices) and internal segments. These segments are the perfect way to separate flavor blends and more importantly, they help the shisha tobacco cook more efficiently and evenly.

But here's the best feature of the Samsaris Vitria: it fits the Kaloud Lotus perfectly. Selling these together is a no-brainer, like peanut butter and jelly, burgers and fries, etc. Stock up quick, these are fast movers!

Kaloud entered the premium charcoal market as well. Their new Kaloud Aura coals come in the same luxurious packaging. The briquettes are the most precise and uniform coals we have seen and their longevity and clean heat make them an excellent charcoal for the hookah smoker who only wants the absolute best. The charcoals are sold separately and not included with the Samsaris Vitra bowl.

New Bulk Pricing for Hookah Lounges

If you are a hookah lounge that wants to upgrade your fleet of hookahs with premium bowl and HMD set ups from Kaloud, we can help. We now offer a commercial use, case pricing option for the Kaloud Vitria bowl and Kaloud Lotus. You save 10% or more when you buy in bulk, because the manufacturer does not include the premium packaging. These are sold for commercial use so that our hookah lounge operators can offer a premium experience that most lounges will not offer. With an up front investment in your equipment, you can outperform the competition and build a large, loyal fan base.

Kaloud Vitria Bowl Makes Real Fruit Hookah Bowls Easy!

The glass insert for the Vitria bowl works perfectly inside the hollow fruit. You get a clean and consistent experience every time!