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Kaloud Vitria Metal Bowl

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Argis Silver - Kaloud Vitria Plus Bowl Plus - Kaloud
Auris Gold - Kaloud Vitria Plus Bowl - Kaloud
Niris Black - Kaloud Vitria II Bowl - Kaloud
Niris Black - Kaloud Vitria Plus Bowl - Kaloud
Nubis Grey - Kaloud Vitria II Bowl - Kaloud
Nubis Grey - Kaloud Vitria Plus Bowl - Kaloud

Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Plus & Vitria II (2.0) Silicone-Aluminum Hookah Bowl

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II bowl takes the best features of the original Vitria bowl and improves a few features to improve performance, increase durability and provide you with the best smoke of your life...or your customers' lives. This new version features an aluminum insert instead of their traditional glass design. So if you're looking at using these in a lounge, you won't have to worry about them breaking. These are specifically designed to be used with the Kaloud Lotus 2.

The original Kaloud Vitria was the most innovative hookah bowl of the 21st century. Made from space-grade silicon, the Samsaris Vitria II Silicone-Aluminum bowl is available in 5 color options. This version with the aluminum insert features the same blades that you'll find on their glass version and was designed to create a sealed placement of the Kaloud Lotus 2 heat management device.

Kaloud entered the premium charcoal market as well. Their new Kaloud Aura coals come in the same luxurious packaging. The briquettes are the most precise and uniform coals we have seen and their longevity and clean heat make them an excellent charcoal for the hookah smoker who only wants the absolute best. The charcoals are sold separately and not included with the Samsaris Vitra bowl.

**The Kaloud Lotus II is sold separately and not included with the Vitria II Silicone-Aluminum Bowl.**