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Khalil Mamoon Imperial Hookah

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Gold (33" Large) Imperial Wood Hookah - Khalil Mamoon
Gold (33" Large) Imperial Wood Hookah - Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon Imperial Hookah (1 hose)

Good gracious, hookah's bodacious! All bad Nelly references aside, the brand new KM Imperial is a real head turner! Wood stems and stems that feature wood exteriors have been quite the rage for the last few years and we're super excited to now have Khalil Mamoon's debut entry into this world. There are plenty of sharp lookin' wood style hookahs out there but the Imperial is one of the largest at 33" and to the best of my encyclopedia-like hookah memory, it's the only that features vertical design lines.

Design Quality and Features

You may have noticed the beautifully stained wood finish on the Imperial, how could you not? What is not immediately seen is that within the natural wood exterior hides the tried and true stainless steel stem. What does this mean? Long lasting quality but a modern and upscale design aesthetic. The Imperial does a few things a little differently than what you'll typically see on a KM; First, this hookah comes with a wide-bottomed base and that's going to mean a super stable smoke on this almost 3 ft tall masterpiece. Next, you'll notice that the gold hub is a super retro mushroom shape. It's little Easter Eggs like this and the washable hose with matching wood handle that really make the Imperial a site to behold.

Khalil Mamoon Imperial Specs:




Stainless steel w/stained wood exterior


Wide bottom KM base


Handmade Egyptian clay bowlHose: Wood-handled, washable KM hose


Variable KM

Khalil Mamoon Quality and Appearance Disclosure

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are hand made in Egypt and are subject to imperfections as a result of their artisanal production process. Khalil Mamoon hookahs will regularly change and/or modify the extra accessories, such as the glass base, clay bowl and hose at any time without notice. That is part of the charm of purchasing authentic Egyptian hookahs. If you prefer hookahs without imperfections, weld marks, minor scuffs and variable accessories, we highly recommend purchasing hookahs from another manufacturer.