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50% OFF Kingpin Hookah Bowls

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Kingpin Hookah Bowls

Maybe your bowl sales have been in the gutter lately? Good news for you we spared no expense on the striking design of the Kingpin. With it's unique bowling pin style bowl shape, you'll be able to fit upwards of 20-30g of shisha in there, though less will suffice. Pick up a few spares because these bowls are going to roll off the shelves.

This bowl is available with a fine black glossy finish or you can get the Kingpin in an unglazed exterior. Kingpins without the glaze are typically used for flavor specific applications. As you smoke more sessions with your unglazed bowl, the shisha juices seep in and become part of the bowl. Many hard core Double Apple smokers will swear by an unglazed, well "seasoned" bowl for the classic flavors like Double Apple.

**Bowling shoes not required.**