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Lolli-Tips Flavored Hookah Mouth Tips

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Black Fuzzy Peach Lolli Tips Bag of 100 - Lolli Tip
Black Lemon Pucker Lolli Tips Bag of 100 - Lolli Tip
Black Melon Dew Lolli Tips bag of 100
Black Mystery Lolli Tips bag of 100
Blue Dream Lolli Tips bag of 100
Mr. Freeze Lolli Tips bag of 100
Tropical Punch Lolli Tips bag of 100
Tutti Frutti Lolli Tips bag of 100
Watermelon Glaze Tips bag of 100

Flavored Lolli Hookah Mouth Tips

These Lolli flavored hookah tips are one of the most requested products of the year and we were finally able to procure some for you and your customers. My first thought was, "Why on earth would anyone want a tip that's flavored if they're already smoking a hookah that's flavored?" Well, the answer is simply, because it's awesome! Lolli Hookah Tips are jumbo in size, so they will fit most most types of hoses used in hookah lounges without issue. If you have any questions on fit, let us know and we'll be happy to check.

Using Lolli-Tips in your Hookah Lounge

People are asking about the flavor and how it affects the smoke taste. It doesn't. I had the same assumption and was confused about what this product was about. It has nothing to do with your shisha flavor, but it adds a pleasant sweet flavor on the lips. After every puff, you get that sweet sugar hit and I hate to admit it, but I kinda fell in love with these tips! As a lounge owner, these tips are a great $2-$3 upgrade per person and it gives your customers a nice treat to enjoy when they are not smoking the hookah.

My other concern was that they would make a sticky mess. We tried them and that wasn't an issue. They don't drip or make gum up the hoses. It's just a nice candy treat to upgrade the hookah experience.

Available Lolli Flavors:

Black - Fuzzy Peach

Black - Lemon Pucker

Black - Melon Dew

Black - Mystery

Blue Dream - Exotic blue raspberry.

Mr. Freeze - Strong mint.

Tropical Punch - A savory citrus and tropical fusion.

Tutti Frutti - Tangy fruit blend with a tart bite.

Watermelon Glaze - Full-bodied watermelon with a savory twist.