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Mazaya 250g Shisha Tobacco

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Mazaya 250g - Blueberry Exotica
Mazaya 250g - Blueberry Mint
Mazaya 250g - Four Seasons
Mazaya 250g - Gum
Mazaya 250g - Gum Cinnamon
Mazaya 250g - Heavenly Fruit
Mazaya 250g - Iced Gum Mint
Mazaya 250g - Iced Lemon Mint
Mazaya 250g - Iced Mint
Mazaya 250g - Love
Mazaya 250g - Mint
Mazaya 250g - Orange Mint
Mazaya 250g - Ruby Crush
Mazaya 250g - Strawberry
Mazaya 250g - Two Apples
Mazaya 250g - Two Apples Mint
Mazaya 250g - Watermelon
Mazaya 250g - Watermelon Mint
Mazaya 250g - Candy Drops
Mazaya 250g - Gum Mint
Mazaya 250g - Lemon Mint
Mazaya 250g - Mastic Gum
Mazaya 250g - Pan Raas
Mazaya 250g - Two Apples Bahraini

Mazaya Shisha 250g Jars Wholesale

Introducing Mazaya Shisha, the hookah tobacco that is taking the smoking experience to the next level. Available in 250g jars, Mazaya Shisha is perfect for smoke shops and hookah lounges looking for quality hookah tobacco in bulk quantities. Mazaya shisha delivers a smooth and satisfying smoke with a wide variety of flavors that cater to just about everyone.

Each Mazaya Shisha 250g jar is carefully sealed to preserve the freshness and flavor of the tobacco, ensuring a consistent smoking experience every time. Each 250g tub will hold between 10-15 servings, making this size perfect for retailers, but also a great option for hookah lounges that want to stock more flavors with lower inventory carrying costs.

Mazaya Shisha is highly regarded by hookah enthusiasts around the world, and with the 250g jars, it is now easier than ever to provide a high-quality smoking experience to your customers. Try it out today and discover why Mazaya Shisha is the ultimate choice for lounges and retailers.