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Medium Jumbo Hookah Mouth Tips

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Medium Jumbo Inside Fitting (100 pcs)
Medium Jumbo Mouth Tips (10,000 pcs)

Medium Jumbo Hookah Mouth Tips

These heavy duty plastic tips come in bags of 100 and a wide variety of colors. These have a fit like the normal Jumbo Mouth Tips but are a little shorter making them a Medium Jumbo tip. In other words, if you currently use Jumbo Tips, you can make a seamless transition over to these Medium Jumbo tips. These tips are great for lounge owners looking to provide a quality tip for their customers and work great with most of the premium washable hoses.

Mouth tips are essential for keeping smoke sessions sanitary, helping prevent the spread of germs from person-to-person.

These Medium Jumbo Mouth Tips are inside-fitting, meaning they are designed to fit inside the opening of hookah hoses. If the hose opening is narrower than 5mm you will need to purchase outside fitting mouth tips.

Save 50% When you Buy a Case

Our medium jumbo mouth tips come in a master case of 100 bags (10,000 total mouth tips). When you purchase your mouth tips in bulk, you will save 50% off the wholesale price and pay only $150, that's only $1.50 per 100ct bag!

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