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Misc Flavor Saver

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Flavor Saver - Hookah John

What is the Flavor Saver?

aybe you have heard the hookah enthusiast buzzwords; heat management device. What are they, and what do they do? We get this question all the time, so lets break it all down. A Heat Management Device, aka HMD's, are hookah accessories that create a barrier between the hookah charcoals and the tobacco. This barrier, whether it's metal, or just plain air, changes the heat from a concentrated direct heat to a more evenly spread indirect heat. So, now you can prevent hot spots getting scorched within you bowl. This eliminates a premature "burnt" or "cashed" flavor from the charred tobacco in your bowl.

So is the Flavor Savor an HMD? Yes, there are many devices out there that can sell as high as $80-$100, while others have created a low tech solution. The Flavor Savor uses a genius, yet simple design to elevate your coals over the foil by 0.25 inches. That extra breathing room will prevent scorching and you bowls will last longer and taste better. The handle can even be used to rotate the coals over the bowl if necessary.

How to Use the Flavor Saver

First off, this product will work with virtually any hookah bowl, so that issue is solved. Next is the set up. Simply prepare your hookah bowl with foils, just like you normally would. Then, rest the Flavor Saver on top of the foil. You just created a barrier of metal and air to help diffuse the intense direct heat. Place your coals on the coiled Flavor Savor and give it time to heat up.

Important Note: When using an HMD, expect a slightly longer warm up time for the bowl. Since the coals are further away, it may take a few extra minutes and puffs to get it going, but it's totally worth it for the extended session without burnt flavors.

You might also find that you can use more charcoal to create more heat than your normal set up without the Flavor Saver.