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Mod Chinese Hookah Bowls

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Bowl Mod Small Blue
Bowl Mod Small Green
Bowl Mod Small Red
Black - Mod Wide Bowl - Shisha House
Bowl Mod Small Black
Brown - Mod Wide Bowl - Shisha House
Green - Mod Wide Bowl - Shisha House
Light Blue - Mod Wide Bowl
Purple - Mod Wide Bowl - Shisha House
Red - Mod Wide Bowl - Shisha House

Universal Modern Hookah Bowls

Bowl found regularly on Mod Hookahs that is made out of ceramic. This bowl fits virtually any hookah due to its wide opening on the bottom. With the thick Mod Bowl Grommet, this universal accessory is a great bowl for retailers and hookah bars. It can hold little or a lot of tobacco based on your preferred packing method. The work with foils or metal screens. The top is wide enough to use multiple quick light coals or natual hookah coals, so you have even more options there!To ensure the best fit we recommend buying a mod bowl hookah grommet as the bottom opening is quite wide.

Bowl Diameter: 2.75 inches