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Monkey Os Smoke Ring Blower

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Monkey Os Smoke Ring Blower

I know many of you as well as your customers can probably blow perfect smoke rings, tornadoes, or perhaps whole villages of hobbit huts with your mouth alone and that's just fantastic. But there are those of us out here that just flat out cannot blow a smoke ring for the life us. I know because I am one of these people. Well, no more will I be the only dork in the room who can't make it happen. Thank you, Monkey Os.

How does it work?

It's quite simple really. You take a rip from your hookah and instead of failing to blow your own smoke rings with your mouth, you exhale through this handy little Monkey Os piece and boom... One ring (or many rings) to rule them all! When you do this you'll get better rings by making "ooh" motions with your mouth. Want to elevate yourself over all of these average Joes blowing simple smoke rings? Pick yourself up some of the Monkey Juice, add a little in and watch as you also give everyone a masterclass in blowing bubbles during your hookah session.