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Mya Ceramic Hookah Bowl

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Black - Mya Bowl - Mya

Ceramic Hookah Bowls from Mya Saray

The ceramic Mya bowl included on the majority of Mya Hookahs, combines a nearly flawless colored exterior with a pocelain-like white ceramic interior. These bowls have a small to medium capacity and the holes are located on the bottom of the bowl in the traditional "Egyptian" style.

These bowls are perfect replacements for broken or missing bowls on Mya Saray hookahs, but they are also compatible with most hookahs and are generally a great replacement bowl for retailers to keep in stock.

The neck of these hookah bowls is more narrow, so we recommend using the thinner silicone Mya bowl grommet or the Egyptian bowl grommet. The thick white Mod grommets may be too thick depending on your hookah stem.