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Mya Freeze Hose

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Black Mya Freeze Hose - Mya
Blue Mya Freeze Hose - Mya
Freese hose Capsule - Mya
Mya Freeze Hose : Beige / White
Mya Freeze Hose : Brown / Burgundy
Mya Freeze Hose : Green
Mya Freeze Hose : Light Blue
Mya Freeze Hose Icicle 6 Pack - Mya
Pink Mya Freeze Hose - Mya
Red Mya Freeze Hose - Mya
Sky Blue Mya Freeze Hose - Mya
White Mya Freeze Hose - Mya

Freezable Mya Hookah Hoses

The Mya Freeze Hookah Hose lets hookah smokers enjoy chilled smoke with a creative handle that holds a frozen non-toxic water capsule. These hoses area available in multiple colors for those who like to color coordinate their hookah with the extra accessories. The handle of the hose unscrews and the frozen capsules fit inside. The hookah smoke is chilled as it passes around the capsule inside the handle, and voila! An icy experience awaits.Each Mya Freeze Hookah Hose includes icicle water capsules and additional icicles are available as well, so you can always keep a reserve of cold pods on hand to keep the cool smoke coming. The hose is wider than standard Mya hoses, which gives ti great air-flow and will fit on virtually any hookah we sell.

Available Colors:

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Sky Blue, White