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Mya Saray Chico Hookah

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Dark Blue (13" Small) Chico Hookah - Mya
Light Purple (13" Small) Chico Hookah - Mya
Mya Chico With Retail Box : Beige / White
Clear (13" Small) Chico Hookah - Mya
Grey (13" Small) Chico Hookah - Mya
Mya Chico With Basket : Beige / White
Mya Chico With Basket : Blue
Mya Chico With Basket : Green
Mya Chico With Basket : Grey
Mya Chico With Basket : Light Purple
Mya Chico With Basket : Red
Olive Green (13" Small) Chico Hookah - Mya
Red (13" Small) Chico Hookah - Mya

Mya Saray Chico Hookah

Mya has always been a legend when it comes to compact hookahs. They create some of the most beloved hookahs on the market and the Chico is an awesome addition to this line. The Chico stands 13 inches tall and is packed with plenty of cool features that will make it a retailer's dream!

Why do retailers love it?

One of the most common questions we get in regards to Mya hookahs is, "Do you have the ones that come with the carrying cage?" Well, to everyone's delight, The Chico comes in one of Mya's popular carrying cages. Customers go for these hookahs because they want a nice table-top hookah that is easily transported so the cage is a nice bonus. Beyond that, you'll notice the unique design of the glass base and the lack of a traditional purge valve. That's because this one is stealthily built into the hub. Like all Mya hookahs, the Chico features a stainless steel down stem that will last for years with proper cleaning however, the exterior is constructed out of high quality, molded plastic. These come with a traditional Mya hookah hose and bowl.

Mya Chico Specs:




Carrying cage


Mya Ceramic bowl


Mya Hookah Hose