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Mya Saray Heera Hookah

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Black (9" Small) Heera Hookah - Mya
Dark Blue (9" Small) Heera Hookah - Mya
Olive Green (9" Small) Heera Hookah - Mya
Purple (9" Small) Heera Hookah - Mya
Red (9" Small) Heera Hookah - Mya

Mya Saray Heera Hookah

The brand new Heera by Mya Saray has to be in contention for a "Fanciest Hookah Under $25" award, if not the winner! Outside of the fancy looks and high quality build, the Heera immediately rises above plenty of the competition because it a diamond cut style base. These hookahs look like they should be triple of their actual cost and that is a huge win for you and your customers.

Heera Design

The Heera is another compact hookah that's going to be an instant favorite for multiple reasons; This thing sits atop a very solid diamond style base immediately making it unique aesthetically. Even in Mya's world-famous, extensive line of compact hookahs, the luxurious design of the Heera makes it stand out. The shaft and components are crafted out of stainless steel to help prevent rust/corrosion with proper care and the components make up the 5 color options available. Each Heera comes standard with a new Mya Phunnel bowl, classic Mya hose, and fine cut diamond style glass base.

Mya Heera Specs:

Height: 9 inches
Hose: Mya Hookah Hose
Bowl: Mya Phunnel
Base: Fine cut Diamond style

Selling points:

-Great value for its price.
-All pieces machine made for precise fittings.
-Compact size but still comes with a five foot long Mya hose.