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Mya Saray Jarra Hookah

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Black Blue (10" Small) Jarra Hookah - Mya
Black Grey (10" Small) Jarra Hookah - Mya
Black Sky Blue (10" Small) Jarra Hookah - Mya
Brown Amber (10" Small) Jarra Hookah - Mya
Brown Light Purple (10" Small) Jarra Hookah - Mya
Mya Jarra : Clear
Mya Jarra : Green
Red Clear (10" Small) Jarra Hookah - Mya

Mya Saray Jarra Hookah

The Jarra is Mya's newest innovative compact hookah to hit the market. You'll immediately notice that instead of a traditional hookah tray, the Jarra features an actual charcoal holder that sits directly below the bowl making this not only compact but convenient. This feature gets rid of the need for a stand alone charcoal holder.

Jarra Features

Let's get into some of the features cool features. Outside of the obvious addition of a charcoal holder in place of a tray, you will notice upon closer inspection that the Jarra base actually has a built-in handle. Gone are the days of trying to grip your hookah base or carefully transport your hookah with one hand on the base and the other around the stem. Just use the handle! The Jarra will also come with a classic Mya wood-tipped hookah hose and an unglazed Mya bowl.

Mya Jarra Specs:




Mya hose


Mya, Unglazed


Black Blue, Black Grey, Black Sky Blue, Brown Amber, Brown Light Purple, Red Clear