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Mya Wood Handle Hoses

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Black Mya Metaltip Hose - Mya
Black Mya Woodtip Hose - Mya

Mya Leather Hoses with Wood Handles

Mya Saray makes some of the most beautiful and well-built hookahs in the industry. They are know for their flawless construction and luxury appearance. Mya Saray also makes a variety of hoses to match the style and quality of their wide selection of hookahs. They deliver a good amount of smoke with smooth air-flow and are highly flexible. 72 inches in length. With optimal air-flow, affordability, flexibility, and length, we recommend the Mya hose for almost any hookah lounge. The Mya Saray Wood Handle Hose comes standard on various models, but generally is attached to small Mya Hookahs and their Econo Mya line of hookahs. These hoses have a wooden heel (the end that connects to the hookah) and a wooden handle. The Mya Saray Wood Handle Hose with Metal tip is almost identical, except for one key feature. The handle has a metal tip attached to the end of the hose. These hoses are standard on some small Mya hookahs as well as large Mya hookahs.