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Nakhla 250G Shisha Tobacco

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Ice Grape Mint - 250G Box Nakhla - Nakhla

Nakhla Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Founded in Egypt, this value brand exudes traditional hookah values. Nakhla is the oldest and most established brand of hookah tobacco across the globe. Double Apple Nakhla Tobacco is one of the most popular flavors smoked world wide and can be found in smoke shops and international food stores everywhere.

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Though Nakhla shisha tends to be a dryer and heavier smoke with a higher nicotine content, traditional hookah smokers have smoked this brand for over a century and have come to trust and depend on Nakhla hookah tobacco. The distinct flavor profile and smoke texture is robust.

Nakhla Two Apple or is it Double Apple?

This is an answer that has flip-flopped over the years, but the purists will tell you that the flavor is called "Two Apples," while others feel like the bouncing vowels of "Double Apple" just rolls off the tongue. Tomato, tomaaato.....who cares, let's just load this bowl and enjoy a great hookah session from Nakhla.

Due to the fact that Nakhla sales are heavily weighted with Double Apple, we have separated Double Apple and added Kilos and 500g cartons as well.