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Oduman Micro Hookah

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Clear (6" Small) Micro Hookah - Oduman

Oduman Micro Glass Hookah

The Oduman Micro is one of the best and tiniest compact hookahs on the market. The Micro is a simple but modern work horse that features a thick glass base and all stainless steel components. All you have to do is attach the top hub, load up a bowl, and get to smoking. The down stem also has a built in diffuser that going to make your inhales through the included silicone hose super easy with enormous cloud output. As a bonus, it comes with an awesome Oduman carrying bag to help you transport it safely from session to session.

Oduman Quality

Oduman hookahs are manufactured in Turkey using very high quality, heavy glass. Think of heavy duty glassware that you might find in your kitchen. These are perfect for those that like to enjoy the inner workings of a hookah. The clear glass will also make for an easier time cleaning. Each hookah goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before leaving their warehouse. The first thing you'll notice when you pull this hookah out of the packing is how solid it is. Thick glass and precise, stainless steel ports and connections insure an easy and quality smoke.


7 inches


72 inch long; Silicone


Not Included

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