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Oduman Tank Hookah

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Clear 7.5" Small) Tank Hookah - Oduman

Oduman Tank Hookah

The Oduman Tank is a high quality, mini tabletop hookah. If you're looking for a portable glass hookah, look no further. The Oduman Tank even comes with an awesome carrying bag for transport.

Oduman Quality

Oduman hookahs are manufactured in Turkey using very high quality, heavy glass. Think of heavy duty glassware that you might find in your kitchen. These are perfect for people who love to see the water/smoke in their hookah and make it easy for those that like to keep their hookah clean.The first thing you'll notice when you pull this hookah out of the packing is how solid it is. You do not need to worry about this one moving around or being unstable. To kick things up a notch, Oduman has included threaded, stainless steel parts that can be removed for transport. The stainless steel downstem unscrews and can be upgraded with the included diffuser.

Oduman Tank Features

The Tank is one of the best portable glass hookahs we've ever seen. This stands 7.5 inches tall and features all of the bells and whistles of their larger hookahs: Stainless steel components and connections as well as a washable hose made out of medical grade silicone. The hose also features a spring that slips over one end to prevent kinking of any kind. The one thing that the Tank has that the other do not is a super nifty Oduman carrying bag.


7.5 inches


72" long; Silicone


Not Included

Vase Colors: