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Othmani Hookah Tobacco 100g

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Othmani Shisha Tobacco

The hookah market has matured and the biggest buyers are looking for a more sophisticated flavor profiles and richer experience. Just as the beer industry began to flourish with the craft beer movement that brought a wide range of flavors to a flat industry, Othmani is a blonde leaf shisha tobacco crafted in small batches with high quality ingredients in the great state of Kansas. Othmani comes in 100g, resealable pouches that display easily with a wall hanger in your hookah display. Othmani shisha uses golden French Virginia tobacco leaves, but mixes the batch with 50% washed and 50% unwashed tobacco to create a more robust, thick smoke. The new line up will transport your taste buds around the world, sampling the flavors of the Ottoman Empire at its peak. This collection is all about delicious flavor and smooth clouds. You can load up a bowl of Marrakech Mint or Izmir Melon and just relax. The Othmani brand has been in the market with over 100 unique flavors for over a decade, and after reviewing the results, they found that their core business was a handful of the bestselling flavors. With that in mind, the brand stripped away all the filler, and relaunched their greatest hits with an attractive new packaging that stands out as a premium offering based on the looks alone.

Othmani Flavors:

  • Aegean Spice - A sweetly spiced blend of Honey, Vanilla, Cardamom and Cinnamon.
  • Izmir Melon - A bold blend of Honeydew Melon, Sweet Honey and a hint of mint.
  • Marrakech Mint - Clean and refreshing mix of Mint, wintergreen and sweet Spearmint.
  • Star of Al Hamra - Tropical wave of Pineapple and Mango with a fruity Cranberry twist.
  • Turkish Coffee - Richly aromatic Arabian Coffee with Spiced caramel finish.
  • Zanzibar Double Apple - Traditional Double Apple that can convert the most fervent and old school Two Apple fans.