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Pharaohs Colossus Hookah Bowls

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Black - Pharaohs Colossus Bowl - Pharaohs
Blue - Pharaohs Colossus Bowl - Pharaohs

Pharaohs Colossus Bowl

Pharaohs has their hookah game on lock at this point and I'm so excited to see them producing some quality yet affordable bowls such as the Colossus. These are handmade and a bit of a hybrid between a classic Egyptian style bowl and a traditional phunnel style bowl. Air flow is going to be located on the walls of the bowl instead of the bottom so there's no need to worry about shisha juice escaping. The Colossus bowl is also unique in that each bowl is hand-dipped, so while colors are the same no two bowls will be identical.

Pharaohs Colossus Specs:

Height: 4"
Diameter: 2.75"
Holds: 15-20 grams of shisha