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Pharaohs Elixir Hookah

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Pharaoh's Elixir Hookah

Pharaohs has created this magic Elixir hookah and we want to get these into your hands. Well, maybe it's not technically magic, but the 21.5"" Elixir sure smokes like a dream. Looking for a multi-hose hookah? Simply add on some Pharaohs hose adapters and grab some extra hoses and you're all set. The Elixir can be modified to accommodate up to 4 houses.

Elixir Hookah Design

Like many of it's siblings, the Elixir features a stainless steel stem and components and the shaft and base thread together completely eliminating the hassle of having to deal with rubber grommets. The downstem of the Elixir is also made of stainless-steel, and it will minimize ghosting shisha flavors that can ruin a smoke session.

Pharaoh's Diffuser & Autoseal Adapter Upgrades

Pharaoh's hookahs smoke very well just as they come right out of the box, but there are ways to improve upon what's already great. Adding a Pharaoh's Diffuser to the downstem of your Pharaoh's hookahs will create a truly amazing hookah experience by filtering bubbles as they exit the downstem. This bubble filtration will improve the smoothness of every pull from the hookah, as well as dampen the rumble noise you take when inhaling. The Pharaoh's Diffuser uses a six stem slotted percolator to take those big air and smoke bubbles and chop them up into much smaller bubbles that flow smoothly. The Pharaoh's Elixir comes as a 1-hose hookah, but pick up a Pharaoh's Autoseal Adapter to quickly turn it into a 2-hose hookah for groups! Great for retail stores selling multi-hose hooakhs.

Pharaohs Elixir Specs:




Stainless steel


Pharaohs glass base with ribbed design


Pharaohs clay bowl


Pharaohs washable hose