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Pharaohs Hookah Charcoal

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10 pcs - 35mm Quicklight Coals - Pharaohs
10 pcs - 40mm Quicklight Coals - Pharaohs
10 Rolls X 35MM pcs Disc Coals - Pharaohs
10 Rolls X 40MM pcs Disc Coals - Pharaohs
120 Boxes X 35MM pcs Disc Coals - Pharaohs
120 Boxes X 40MM pcs Disc Coals - Pharaohs

Pharaohs Quick-lightning Coconut Hookah Charcoals

Pharaohs has entered the market of hookah charcoals with one of the cleanest burning quick-light coals on the market. These coconut quick-lights are sure to start just as fast as many of the others but due to them being made with coconut husks, you'll experience virtually no odor or taste. This has been an issue with many quick-lighting charcoals over the years so it's nice to have the new Pharaohs option.

Pharaohs Charcoal Size Options

Let's talk size. Pharaohs has produced a 35mm and a 40mm version of this charcoal. The 35mm is slightly larger and longer lasting than the industry standard 33mm coals. This means you they will last longer and give more heat than most other "small" sized quck light coals. The 40mm is going to be your standard large sized quick-light charcoal. These will last a bit longer and cover more space if you're using a larger bowl.

Why Purchase in Bulk?

To save money! Cases are going to be cheaper than buying individual boxes and if you'd really like to save some money and you're ordering multiple cases, we can also get cheaper shipping quotes when shipping orders on a pallet. If this is something you're interested in, please call us to discuss.