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20% OFF Pharoahs Azra Hookah

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Pharaoh's Azra Hookah

The 23" Pharaohs Azra features a more traditional design but with modern build techniques that make it a durable and great smoking hookah. The shaft and down stem are made of stainless steel to help prevent rust and corrosion and allow for years of high quality sessions. The base is what we've come to love from Pharaohs, thick glass and beautiful etchings.

Azra Features

The Azra stem is made of stainless steel and finished with alternating two-tone silver and copper giving it more of a traditional look. The included base also has a traditional bell shape but with a catch, the bottom is wider to provided added stability and less chance of wobble or tipping over the hookah. You'll also be receiving a 5" washable hookah hose and a classic unglazed bowl.

Pharaoh's Diffuser & Autoseal Adapter Upgrades

Pharaoh's hookahs smoke very well just as they come right out of the box, but there are ways to improve upon what's already great. Adding a Pharaoh's Diffuser to the downstem of your Pharaoh's hookahs will create a truly amazing hookah experience by filtering bubbles as they exit the downstem. This bubble filtration will improve the smoothness of every pull from the hookah, as well as dampen the rumble noise you take when inhaling. The Pharaoh's Diffuser uses a six stem slotted percolator to take those big air and smoke bubbles and chop them up into much smaller bubbles that flow smoothly.

The Pharaoh's Aztec comes as a 1-hose hookah, but pick up a Pharaoh's Autoseal Adapter to quickly turn it into a 2-hose hookah for groups! Great for retail stores selling multi-hose hooakhs.

Pharaohs Azra Specs:




Stainless steel


Bell shaped, wide bottom