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Pharoahs Elta Hookah

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Pharaohs Elta Hookah

The 21 1/2" tall Pharaohs Elta hookah is here to add some more class to your store or lounge. It's big enough to put out some major clouds but not so large that it can't be used either on your table-top or counter while delivering excellent sessions to your customers. The Elta hookah comes included with a washable Pharaohs hose, a ceramic Egyptian hookah bowl, grommets, and a set of charcoal tongs.

Design of the Elta Hookah

The Elta's stem features a sleek, textured matte black and gold shaft with sharp edges that deliver a modern sense of design. The machine-made stem is composed of stainless steel that is easy to maintain and is resistant to rust and corrosion (as long as you clean it!). The stem and base connection is threaded, meaning you'll never have to worry about a loose base or airflow issues from a bad grommet. Just twist the stem and base together and you're all set. 

Resting at the bottom of the Elta is a glass base (available in multiple color options) that makes your customers feel like their smoke is being pulled through a crystal decanter. The washable Pharaohs hose allows for flavors to be kept fresh and every smoke session tasting great with just a quick rinse. The Elta hub includes an adapter for one hose, however, it can accommodate up to 4 hoses with the addition of Pharaohs hose adapters.

Pharaohs Elta Specs:

Height: 21 1/2 inches

Shaft: Stainless steel, matte black and gold finish

Bowl: Egyptian, unglazed ceramic

Hose: Washable