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Pharoahs Oasis Hookah

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Pharaoh's Oasis Egyptian Hookah

The Oasis hookah brings a new level of sophistication to the latest batch of premium lounge grade hookahs. The stem has a modern, yet classic look and has a glass color matched stem to compliment the premium glass base.

I would highly recommend this hookah for any lounge environment. You may want to upgrade the hose to something bigger and washable like a Mya Silicone or Nammor Hose in a commercial setting, but this hookah will smoke like a champ straight out of the box!

Pharaoh's Oasis Hookah Parts and Features

The shaft of the Oasis hookah has a glossy, color matched finish that gives this hookah a premium and modern look, which could set your lounge apart from the local competition. The downstem and hose port have a wide gauge, which increases air-flow for huge clouds with a super smooth draw. Your customers will love it!

The base is decorated with a classic "Czech Bohemian" style design and the glass itself is very thick and imbued with a deep rich tone. The shape of the glass is a unique flared "trumpet" design and has a wide foot print for extra stability. When combined with overall weight of the glass, it creates a stable platform for this cloud machine that any hookah lounge would love to have!

The clay bowl included with the Pharoah's Oasis is an unglazed Egyptian "Hybrid" bowl. The shape and style are similar to other Egyptian bowls, but the holes are not located at the bottom. In order to save the flavor-rich shisha juices, the air holes are located up the sides of the bowl. This unique combines the ease of use of the Egyptian style hookah bowl, with the extra flavor and bigger clouds associated with a phunnel or vortex bowl.

Pharaohs Oasis Specs:




Colored Glossy finish


72" long; wood handle & metal tip


Egyptian unglazed "Hybrid" bowlVase


Blue, Red and Grey