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Pharoahs Saghir

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Pharaohs Saghir -Amber
Pharaohs Saghir -Aurora
Pharaohs Saghir -Black Sand
Pharaohs Saghir -Deep Sea
Pharaohs Saghir -Grape
Pharaohs Saghir -Green Apple
Pharaohs Saghir -Lava
Pharaohs Saghir -LNK
Pharaohs Saghir -Rage
Pharaohs Saghir -Storm
Pharaohs Saghir -Venom
Pharaohs Saghir -White Gold
Pharaohs Saghir -Cotton Candy

Pharaoh's Saghir Hookah Description (Formerly Kaya)

The Pharaoh's Saghir is a 13 1/4" tall mini hookah that serves up style and performance at a very nice price. These little hookahs are perfect for travel and small spaces, and can meet the needs of even the smallest budget.

Pharaoh's hookahs come with a ceramic hookah bowl and 72" long hookah hose (with wood handle and metal tip) which are matched to the base color. These hookahs come as a complete, ready to go kit, including hookah charcoal tongs and a carton that can be used as a carrying case.

Saghir Hookah Design

Pharaoh's hookahs smoke very well just as they come right out of the box, but there are ways to improve upon what's already great. Adding a Pharaoh's Diffuser to the downstem of your Pharaoh's hookahs will create a truly amazing hookah experience by filtering bubbles as they exit the downstem. This bubble filtration will improve the smoothness of every pull from the hookah, as well as dampen the rumble noise you take when inhaling. The Pharaoh's Diffuser uses a six stem slotted percolator to take those big air and smoke bubbles and chop them up into much smaller bubbles that flow smoothly.

Pharaoh's Diffuser & Autoseal Adapter

The Pharaoh's Saghir comes as a 1-hose hookah, but pick up a Pharaohs Autoseal Adapter to quickly turn it into a 2-hose hookah for groups! Great for hookah lounge owners and retail store managers selling to groups.

Pharaohs Saghir Specs:


13 1/4"


Stainless steel


Glazed/unglazed depending on color selection (see photos)


Pharaohs, multiple color options


Mod style