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Pharoahs Zen Hookah

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Black (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Dark Blue (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Dark Green (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Gun Metal (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Purple (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Red (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Silver (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs
Gold (21" Medium) Zen Hookah - Pharaohs

Pharaoh's Zen Hookah

Awww... Can you feel it? A peaceful hookah session soundtracked by the sounds of birds and a running stream near by. The 21" tall Pharaohs Zen does not come with the nature, but it's unique design will help mellow out the vibes of a grade A smoke. Just look at that beautifully carved stainless steel! This is a one of a kind design that you won't find readily available from any other hookah manufacturers.

Zen Hookah Design

Zen? Absolutely, might I say with a hint of an industrial vibe. Encased within the carved out exterior of this beauty is a tried and true stainless steel interior and down stem. That along with the tray and the sleek and simple hub of the Zen are finished black to really make the color-finished exterior pop out. Each hookah comes with a heavy and etched, wide-bottomed clear glass base. At 21" inches, you don't have to worry too much about wobble but rest assured, this base just really rounds out this solid table medium sized offering. Last but certainly not least, you'll get a high-quality, washable, matching Pharaohs silicone hose sure to assist in some peaceful inhales and zen dragon clouds.

Pharaohs Zen Specs:




Stainless steel, finish options


Clear etched glass, wide-bottom.