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Pure 100G Shisha Tobacco

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FML (100G) Tin - Pure
Apples (100G) Tin - Pure
Banana (100G) Tin - Pure
Blueberry (100G) Tin - Pure
Citrusice (100G) Tin - Pure
Firefly (100G) Tin - Pure
FML Blue (100G) Tin - Pure
FML Red (100G) Tin - Pure
Fresh Mint (100G) Tin - Pure
Honey Dew Melon (100G) Tin - Pure
Ice Berry (100G) Tin - Pure
Lemon Mint (100G) Tin - Pure
Mango (100G) Tin - Pure
Maracuja (100G) Tin - Pure
Melon Berry (100G) Tin - Pure
Morangie (100G) Tin - Pure
Passion Bomb (100G) Tin - Pure
Peach Fizz (100G) Tin - Pure
Perfect Peach (100G) Tin - Pure
Pineapple (100G) Tin - Pure
Red Cherry (100G) Tin - Pure
Strawberry (100G) Tin - Pure
Tangerine (100G) Tin - Pure

Pure Tobacco - FML Shisha Flavors

Pure is a modern, American-style boutique hookah tobacco brand that has been growing a solid customer base for years. What have their fans been going crazy for? It's all about the FML. (F*$% My Lungs) FML is one of the most potent, extremely icy, cold mint hookah flavors ever created and it is the best selling flavor by far.

FML has 3 Color-Coded Variations

Just to keep things interesting, Pure has come out with 3 variations on FML, based on different types of mint flavor groups. The original is FML Green, a very strong mint flavor with extreme cooling. Then came FML Red. The Red variation added the extra kick of peppermint to their icy menthol blast. Then comes the FML Blue with a slightly sweeter and smoother spearmint blend.