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Resin D-Hose Dream Hookah Hose

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Brown Dream Resin Hose - Dhose
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Red Dream Resin Hose - Dhose
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Resin Dream Hookah Hose

What is a resin finish? Well, a year or so ago plenty some crafty fellows that go by the Instagram handle ResinKings begin created awesome hookah hose handles that married a colorful resin with shiny and shimmer flakes into a brilliant looking finish. The team behind Dream Hoses took notice and what we have now is the classic silicone Dream Hose newly upgraded with unique resin handles. These hoses are crafted out of surgical grade silicone and completely washable, making them perfect for both commercial and at-home use.

Resin D-Hose Specs:

Length: 76"
Material: Surgical grade silicone tubing
Handle: Resin finish
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Purple