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RIP Gia Acrylic Hookah

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RIP Acrylic Gia Hookah with LED Light

This little hookah has a big and bold presentation. This vibrant colors make it pop on any hookah display. If you want a fun selection of hookah for you customers who want to have fun and smoke like pro without breaking the bank, the Gia acrylic hookahs are a great option.


The RIP Gia is a shatter resistant acrylic! If your buddy knocks it over, you probably aren't dealing with a broken hookah, and the party can resume. The Gia is fully washable, including the hose so you can keep it nice and clean. The clay bowl is compact and great for short sessions, packed with flavor so you can rotate through your whole flavor arsenal without wasting any shisha. And to really make this hookah pop, it comes with an LED light!

RIP GIA Hookah Specs:

Material: Acrylic
Height: 11.5 inches
Hose: Washable
Bowl: Unglazed