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RIP Smoke Dome Hookah

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Smoke Dome Hookah
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RIP Smoke Dome Hookah

Welcome to the Smoke Dome! This hookah is a bubble shaped, semi-spherical hookah base that sits flat on any table top and create a thick dome of smoke for the ultimate clouds. This feel and aesthetic are unique and the overall visual impact will make it pop on your shelf. This acrylic hookah is light weight, but sturdy and when the LED light is activated, the party don't stop until yo mama comes home.


The Smoke Dome has a break resistant acrylic base that is equipped with an upgraded multi-purge. The hose is a fully washable plastic hose, with a full size, sleek handle. This hookah is paired with a phunnel bowl right out of the gate. That means your shisha will stay moist during the session and give you maximum cloud output while keeping your stem and base clean from any drippings.

RIP Smoke Dome Hookah Specs:

Material: Acrylic
Height: 12 inches
Hose: Washable
Bowl: Phunnel BowlColors: Blue, Green, Black, and Red