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RIP VIP Acrylic Hookah

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Blue (9.5" Small) VIP - RIP
Clear (9.5" Small) VIP - RIP
Green (9.5" Small) VIP - RIP
Purple (9.5" Small) VIP - RIP

RIP Acrylic VIP Hookah

The VIP is for very impressive puffs! The VIP hookah is acrylic so you don't have to worry about shattered glass, but this hookah has a wide, flat base and large smoke chamber that makes it a great option for hookah catering or running hookahs in a night club. With the high quality hose and bowl included with this hookah, the accessories take this hookah from a fun novelty item to a fully legitimate smoke machine.


The VIP has a break resistant acrylic base so you can check that worry off your list. It's paired with a silicone hose, so it extremely durable, and fully washable. The bowl is a heavy duty ceramic Stone bowl that will keep your shisha heated and prolong your session.

RIP VIP Hookah Specs:

Material: Acrylic
Height: 10 inches
Hose: Silicone with metal handle
Bowl: Stone BowlColors: Blue, Green, Clear, and Purple