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Smokezilla Hookah Hose + Bazooka

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Smokezilla Hookah Hose + Bazooka

Cool off your hookah smoke with the Smokezilla Washable Hookah hose and Bazooka Ice Hose Tip combo!

This combo package comes with everything you need for a chilling hookah smoke session. You can use the washable hose on its own or with the included Bazooka Ice Hose Tip. The hose has an aluminum handle and heel tip which connects with the soft-touch silicone tubing for an excellent hookah hose that will last forever with proper cleaning and maintenance.

The Smokezilla Bazooka Ice Hose Tip is made up of three pieces. The exterior consists of two threaded parts which contains one 6” interior ice capsule piece. Before attaching to a hookah, leave the interior ice capsule piece in a freezer until frozen solid. When you’re ready to cool off your smoke simply put the frozen ice capsule into the two exterior handle pieces and attach the full assembly to the included hookah hose tubing. Instant cool smoke!

The Smokezilla Hose & Bazooka Ice Hose Combo is an easy upsell for lounges and a perfect ice hose combo for retailers.