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Starbuzz Electric Warmer

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Blue Electric Warmer - Starbuzz
White Electric Warmer - Starbuzz
Black Electric Warmer - Starbuzz
Red Electric Warmer - Starbuzz

Starbuzz Electric Warmer

Get those coals burning, whether in your own shop or in your customers' homes, with the Starbuzz Electric Warmer. This 500-watt coal heater and metal grill are housed inside minimalist, ventilated aluminum walls. The modern designed to meant maximize utility, giving the user great quality for the awesome wholesale price. This warmer measures 6.5" wide and 7" tall, making it portable and space-saving! This wholesale electric warmer may look ultra-futuristic, but it functions just like any regular coil based charcoal burner. Turn it on, put your natural hookah charcoals on the heating tray, and take them off once fully lit.

Heating Hookah Coals in Style

The Starbuzz Coal Heater now comes in colors! Choose from Black, Red and White to pick the perfect hookah heater to match your aesthetic vibe!