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Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel Bowl

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Silicone Phunnel Bowl - Starbuzz

Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel Hookah Bowl Description

Going through too many bowls too quickly? Tired of getting a new shipment of ceramic or glass bowls and stressing out over them breaking so fast? It's time to go silicone. The new Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel Bowl will not break - perhaps ever! Nor will they melt on you and make an especially bad smelling mess.

The Silicone Phunnel bowl is quick and easy to clean, and it has a really nice heft to it. Not an awkward bulky heft, but a heft that reassures you that what you're holding is heavy duty. This bowl is designed in true Phunnel fashion with a central spire that allows for great air flow and prevents any shisha juices from flowing down the stem and making a mess. The curvature of the bowl is also designed to retain those juices in a way that maximizes the length of each smoke session.

If you're looking to buy hookah bowls that you will be able to use for years and years, a bowl that is a durable as they come, a good looking bowl that will impress friends and customers, the Starbuzz Phunnel Silicone Bowl is a must for you.

How to use the Silicone Phunnel Bowl

The Silicone Phunnel bowl is best packed with around 15-20 grams of shisha, depending on the tobacco's cut and how lightly or densely you want to pack it. This bowl measures at 3" wide and 4" tall, and can be covered with either regular foil or with the Kaloud Lotus depending on preference.