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Starbuzz USA Atlantis Hookah Stem

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Atlantis Ice (1 hose) Shaft -Red/Gray

Starbuzz Atlantis Hookah Stems

The Starbuzz Atlantis stem brings forth the style, grace and technological wonder unseen since the Atlantis sunk below the waves 10,000 years ago. This luxurious hookah shaft fits beautifully into the luxury hookah market, with buyers who enjoy buying American made, high quality products that can be customized from start to finish by your customer. This stem will fit most "large" hookah bases and is compatible with most hoses, even though few will match the esteem of this hookah stem. The Starbuzz Atlantis even features an ice bucket option for the smokers who enjoy a an extra chilled session.

Available Starbuzz Atlantis shaft colors:





About Starbuzz American Made Atlantis Hookah Shafts

Starbuzz USA hookah stems are all-American made hookah shafts that visibly display their quality. Made from the finest materials and finished to perfection, Starbuzz shafts serve up a hookah smoking experience like no other hookah stem out there. The Atlantis is available in various colors and with or without the ice feature.

Starting with the finish, Starbuzz USA stems are made from anodized aluminum, resulting in a shaft that is extremely light and scratch resistant, and of course will never rust. The tray has the same coating and will not burn or discolor, even when hot hookah coals are placed directly on it.

The hub features the same durable coating, and more importantly there are no shared chambers (unlike inexpensive Chinese hookah stems), so you can't blow out the purge BB. Also, the ports are precisely machine threaded, making for easy installation of the hose and purge ports.

The finest feature of the Starbuzz USA hookah shaft is the down-stem, which is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. It is impossible to ghost this hookah: after smoking a particular flavor, just rinse out the stem. It's that easy! No scrubbing necessary, no lingering tastes that will color your next hookah session.

Starbuzz believes in this product, individually stamping each stem with a unique serial number.