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Starbuzz Vintage 200G Shisha Tobacco

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Alaskan Freeze (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Colombian Spice (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Dark Mist (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Dark Vanilla (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Delhi Tea (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Fresh Lime (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Indian Spiced Apple (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Morning Breeze (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Orange Chocolate (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Peach Spice (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Root Beer (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Shanghai Passion (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Spice Me Red (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Tiramisu (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Tokyo Spice (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Dark Caribbean (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Ginkco (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Honey Dew Me (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
Sweet Cigar (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage
White Mist (200G) Tin - Starbuzz Vintage

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco 200g Tins

A project that was more than two years in the making is now available to the hookah community, and the results are simply amazing! Starbuzz Vintage uses unwashed, dark leaf tobacco to provide smokers with a heavy, robust flavor and an incredible head buzz. To feel the full force of the Starbuzz Vintage experience we recommend a dense pack, which will give you intense flavor and that awesome buzz. You can also go for a fluff pack for a more mellow experience to relax and enjoy the variety of flavors. When selling Starbuzz Vintage, whether in a hookah lounge or a retail store, it is important to tell customers that the heavy head buzz might be more intense for beginning smokers. But for your regulars, the folks you know to be true hookah lovers, let them know the second you have Starbuzz Vintage in stock! Their plastic, wood colored tins are unlike any other shisha tobacco container on the market, and are sure to stand out from the crowd on the shelves of any retail store. Stock up on Starbuzz Vintage in these 200g tins at our incredible wholesale prices, and share this incredible new line with the world!

How to Order Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco

Starbuzz Vintage jars come in case packs of 12 units per box. To help us maintain operational efficiency, we thank you for a minimum order of 3 tins per flavor. Quantities of 10 or more will be rounded up to 12 and the case quantity discount will be applied.

Starbuzz Vintage Flavor Descriptions

Alaskan Freeze

- Prepare for a burst of icy mint that is refreshing on its own or as a mixer to bring a cool finish to any Starbuzz blend. Alaskan Freeze brings together the chilling freshness of winter fresh mint with spearmint to add a green minty flavor to the cool winter fresh blast.

Colombian Spice

- This is a burst of dark roast coffee that you might expect to find in a members only boutique coffee shop. The coffee flavor is both dark and "roasty" but bright at the same time. This flavor is perfectly suited to enjoy the earthy tobacco flavor foundation. Enjoy this blend on its own or mix it with some Dark Vanilla or Orange Chocolate to got one step further.

Dark Caribbean

- Arrrrrrgh, you scalawags! This is a tropical fruit and citrus blend that is medium in texture and flavor when compared to the heavy tobacco blends in this group. Imagine a mix of Mai Tai, margarita, mojito and daiquiris all mixed together with an extra squeeze of lime. It's sweet and pungent for a smooth mid-day smoke. It may not have as much dark tobacco flavor as Sweet Cigar, but it packs a punch you would expect from a high nicotine tobacco.

Dark Mist

- Don't jump to conclusions unless you own "Jumping to Conclusions," America's new favorite game, with can jump to. This is not a rehash of Blue Mist. Expect a rich profile of blackberries and purple grape synergizing with the earthy tobacco notes of the black leaf tobacco with a hint Starbuzz "Mist" to keep it extra smooth.

Dark Vanilla

- Wonderfully rich vanilla that has deep notes of oak, and dash of sweet cream. As one of the very few Vanilla shisha flavors that could be smoked on its own, this heavy version of vanilla will add depth to any flavor blend, like with Sweet Cigar, Fresh Lime or Peach Spice. The natural tobacco undertones boost this flavor to the next level!

Delhi Tea

- Combine Indian black tea, coconut milk, star anise, cinnamon and other spices and you have come close to this exotic blend. The spices are well balanced with the tea, and the sweet coconut milk flavor blends it all together for a smooth texture. Delhi Tea has medium strength tobacco notes, compared to the darker flavors of Vintage. A great smoke for a long solo session where flavor sophistication is paramount.

Fresh Lime

- This one is absolutely subLIME! Bad wordplay aside, we cannot stop smoking loading Fresh Lime hookahs. The bright limey citrus flavor breaks through the dark background notes like the Kool-Aid guy crashing your birthday party. This is the point in the horizon where light meets dark and explodes with a lime green supernova of flavor.


- Smooth creamy sweet coconut milk blended with honey, tea and ginger give this blend a very smooth texture and smoke. The tobacco notes are medium to mild, but the buzz factor is still in full effect. We smoke this on its own, but also mix it with Delhi Tea, Peach Spice or Fresh Lime.

Honey Dew Me

- The full flavor honey dew melon is unmistakable, so you get a tsunami of sweet fruit right away. The tobacco notes are medium strength, and blend well with the flavorful green melon. This mix is bold on its own, but we have really enjoyed smoking it with Fresh Lime or even a strong mint shisha to give the rich flavor a lighter finish.

Indian Spiced Apple

- This take on double apple may surprise you. This flavor brings out the tradition of Double Apple with a little kick of Indian masala spice. It starts sweet, goes bold and finishes with a delightful tingle. If you enjoy traditional double apple flavour and want to experience an extra dash of spice and a fuller flavor profile, you have hit the jackpot.

Morning Breeze

- Starbuzz Vintage has a heavy focus on teas and spices, and Morning Breeze is no exception. You get a spiced breakfast tea blend with sweet lemon and honey flavor. If you love tea flavors, we think you will immediate gravitate to this shisha. This is a highly recommended breakfast smoke that gets our days started on the foot.

Orange Chocolate

- This is a personal favorite of more than 1 of our staff. Any chocolate shisha fans will naturally gravitate to the full notes of black leaf tobacco that accentuate the cacao. Then comes the sweet orange with a little pinch of tart flavor to cut through the middle and tie it all together. Once you smoke this, those chocolate orange candies will never be enough.

Peach Spice

- Holy cobbler batman! Expect a natural peach flavor that is warm and delicious, not a candy peach gummy flavor. The mild spice blend adds a layer of complexity to the smoke that dances around the black leaf tobacco foundation of flavor. What you get in the end is a deliciously smooth peach blend that you can smoke for hours. We tried a mix with Peach Spice and Starbuzz Geisha and have not been able to smoke anything else.

Root Beer

- This flavor says exactly what it delivers. The spiced flavor of root beer is dead on accurate. This flavor will be a hit in any hookah lounge, and retailers will see this flavor fly out the door by opening the can for customers smell the rich root beer flavor.

Shanghai Passion

- The spices of the Orient break through the milk tea and honey. You will taste traces of cardamom, ginger, honey, anise, cinnamon and mint as you puff out thick, which clouds of smoke. The spice is nice when smoked twice, so give this blend a few bowls before you realize it's slowing becoming a favorite.

Spice Me Red

- Red berries merge with a dash of spice to create a smooth blend with a sweet and tart berry base. Fruity without being overly sweet, Spice Me Red has smooth smoke with a proper balance of tart berries and maybe cinnamon, cardamon, or ginger...we can't tell. When you account for the the full flavor profile of Vintage tobacco, I would call this the adult version of Starbuzz Code 69.

Sweet Cigar

- Sweet sassy molassy! This flavor compounds rich tobacco notes on sweet tobacco notes, and then they wrap that all up in tasty mild vanilla tobacco leaf. This flavor delivers exactly what it says, and it's telling me to reload a fresh bowl. Mix this with Dark Vanilla and you might never pass the hose. If you have customers that ask for more tobacco flavor, this will satisfy them every time.


- Starbuzz targeted a specific flavor aficionado with the Vintage line, and this might be the bull's-eye. The full bodied coffee flavor mixes so well with the sweet cookie and vanilla that all evaporate into a thick puffy mist of flavor. The sturdy backdrop of black leaf tobacco builds the foundation of flavor to create thick, puffy smoke. This may become your hookah lounge best seller for your crowds over 21.

Tokyo Spice

- This bright tsunami of flavor can slap you like a Sumo wrestler fighting his way to buffet line. This blend is very light on dark tobacco notes, but very heavy on sweet pineapple and lime like you would find at a swanky night club in Tokyo.

White Mist

- Expect a mild white peach blossom undertone with a sweet cream and very mild, almost invisible minty / "misty" finish. This flavor is basically the embodiment of smooth and awesome hybridized with thick puffy clouds. This is a blend that can be smoked for hours and hours.