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Tangiers 100G Shisha

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Grouped product items
Blue Gumball 2.0 100G -Tangiers Noir
CherryLimeade 100G -Tangiers Noir
Chocolate Iced Cream 100G -Tangiers Noir
Chocolate Mint 100G -Tangiers Noir
Experimint 100G -Tangiers Noir
French Jelly 100G -Tangiers Noir
Horchata 100G -Tangiers Noir
Kashmir Peach 100G -Tangiers Noir
Mimon 100G -Tangiers Noir
New Lemon Lime 100G -Tangiers Noir
New Lime 100G -Tangiers Noir
Orange Soda 100G -Tangiers Noir
Peach Iced Tea 100G -Tangiers Noir
Pineapple 100G -Tangiers Noir
Pink Grapefruit 100G -Tangiers Noir
Static Starlight 100G -Tangiers Noir
SummerResort 100G -Tangiers Noir
TropicalPunch 100G -Tangiers Noir
Wintergreen 100G -Tangiers Noir
2005 Blueberry 100G -Tangiers Noir
Blitzsturm 100G -Tangiers Noir
CaneMint 100G -Tangiers Noir
Its Like That One Breakfast Cereal 100G -Tangiers Noir
Kashmir Black 100G -Tangiers Noir
Kashmir Cherry 100G -Tangiers Noir
Melon Blend 100G -Tangiers Noir
Mixed Fruit6 100G -Tangiers Noir
Papaya Sorbet 100G -Tangiers Noir
Strawberry 100G -Tangiers Noir
Watermelon 100G -Tangiers Noir
WelshCream 100G -Tangiers Noir

Tangiers 100g Tobacco Flavors

Tangiers is famous for being one of the most potent shisha tobaccos produced today and we're happy to announce that they are now producing 100g bags of some of their best selling flavors. These 100g bags are absolutely perfect for retail and present an easy solution for lounges or catering operations that want to give Tangiers a shot without committing to a full 250g. Tangiers is limited to fully licensed tobacco businesses in the US only. Some states such as California, Arizona, and Nevada are also restricted. All Tangiers shisha will be sold with State Tobacco Taxes Paid where applicable. Hookah wholesalers reserves the right to alter or modify Tangiers orders to regulate the distribution based on flavor availability, destination, and other factors.