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Tangiers Pico Phunnel Bowls

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Tangiers Pico Phunnel Bowls

We have the original phunnel bowls, designed and produced by Tangiers and now we have their smaller Pico phunnel bowls. The Pico Phunnel is made by design to be smaller so that you save shisha. Each bowl will hold between 14g-18g of shisha depending on how you pack your shisha. Because Tangiers bowls are made by hand, these can vary a little bit in size from bowl to bowl.

The Pico Phunnel bowl is smaller and not designed to work with heat management devices such as a Kaloud Lotus. You'll want to go with a traditional foil set up to get the most out of your Tangiers Pico Bowl sesh.

What is the Phunnel Bowl?

An exceptional hookah bowl made of sturdy ceramic, the Tangiers Phunnel Bowl is a great addition to any hookah set-up. This bowl features a raised central spire that provides great air flow and prevents any shisha juices from running down onto your hookah and making a mess. That means the flavor juices saturate the tobacco longer for better flavor and thicker clouds. It also keeps the juice out of your hookah stem so you have less mess to clean up and less ghosting of flavors. This bowl makes your shisha taste better, last longer and keeps your hookah cleaner!

Don't overlook the fact that it's a highly sought after art piece for serious smokers. It's not uncommon for hookah collectors to have more than 1 phunnel bowl design in their collection to accessorize their hookah, the same way you accessories your look with hats or shoes.

Tangiers Pico Phunnel Bowl Specs:

Height: 3.75" - 4"
Diameter: About 2.5"
Recommended Retail Price: $25 - $30