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Three Kings Hookah Coals

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10 pcs (33mm) - Quick Light Coals - Three Kings
10 pcs (40mm) - Quick Light Coals - Three Kings
10 Rolls X 33MM pcs Disc Coals - Three Kings
10 Rolls X 40MM pcs Disc Coals - Three Kings
240 Boxes X 40MM pcs Disc Coals - Three Kings
360 Boxes X 33MM pcs Disc Coals - Three Kings
10 Boxes X 33MM pcs Coconut Coals - Three Kings
10 Boxes X 44MM pcs Rings Coals - Three Kings
10 pcs (33mm) - Coconut Coals - Three Kings
16 pcs Flat Coals - Titanium
180 Boxes X 33MM pcs Coconut Coals - Three Kings
60 Boxes X 16 pcs Flat Coals - Titanium
Three Kings Rings Charcoal Roll 44mm

Three Kings Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoal

Three Kings hookah charcoals have been the industry's most popular quick lighting coals for decades. Your hookah store and hookah bar can now offer these quick lighting hookah coals in bulk.

Three Kings Coals come in a box of 10 rolls. Each roll will hold 10 circular briquettes or discs of quick lighting hookah charcoal. You get a total of 100 coal tablets per box and hookah smokers will use about 3-4 for a typical session. That's around 30 sessions per box.

To ignite these charcoals, you can use a simple handheld lighter. The quick lighting coating will begin to spark up and ignite the coal. Within a couple of minutes, the coals should be covered in a thin gray layer of ash. That means they are ready to use. By blowing on the charcoals you can speed up the prep time. If you need to light a lot of coals in a hurry, you can also use an electric coal heater and have them going very quickly. We recommend standing them on their side when using a coal heater and spacing a half-inch between the tablets.

Three Kings 33mm Hookah Coals

The coals are available in 33 mm diameter coals, which is the standard size of most quick-lighting hookah coals. They work with hookahs and bowls of virtually all sizes. 33mm 3 Kings hookah charcoal tablets last about 25 - 30 minutes and should be refilled during a standard hookah session. They produce less heat and are recommended for lighter shisha blends and herbal tobacco-free shisha to avoid scorching and burning the bowl.

3 Kings 40mm Hookah Charcoal

40mm coals are actually about 65% larger than the 33mm, so they cover more surface area of the bowl. 40 mm coals are also available for hookah fans that enjoy a higher heat level, longer sessions, or are using larger bowls. 40 mm tablets will burn for 30-45 minutes. If you prefer the economics of buying 40mm coals, but also the flexibility of using 33mm Three Kings coals, there is a hack for that. Some smokers prefer to crack a 40mm coal in half and use it as two smaller coals to better distribute the heat. Depending on your bowl and HMD it might be just right.

New 3 Kings Coconut Hookah Charcoals

After years of dominating the hookah charcoal industry, coconut-based coals are now available from Three Kings. These new coals use coconut shells as the base material when making the coals, instead of using a wood product. These coals are cleaner and long-lasting, but they are also much cheaper than the original Three Kings. We highly recommend giving these coals a try to see if they are a better fit for your lounge or hookah retail store.