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Traditional Egyptian Wind Covers

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Bronze - XLarge Egyptian Windcover
Silver - XLarge Egyptian Windcover
Windcover Egyptian Medium - Gold Tall
Windcover Egyptian Medium - Silver Tall
Gold - XLarge Egyptian WindCover - Shisha House
Large Egyptian Windcover - Shisha House
Large Gold Egyptian Windcover - Shisha House
Large Tall Egyptian Windcover - Shisha House
Silver - Tiny Egyptian WindCover - Shisha House
Silver - XLarge - Tall Egyptian Windcover
Silver - XLarge Egyptian WindCover - Shisha House
Small Egyptian WindCover - Shisha House
Windcover Egyptian Medium - Ox Tall
Windcover Egyptian Medium Bronze -Tall

Egyptian Hookah Wind Covers

Wind covers provide a multitude of benefits that make them and almost indispensable accessory. Once you start using wind covers in your hookah lounge, you will wonder how you ever got by without them. Egyptian wind covers are commonly found in the Middle East. They are a must have for hookah bars. Here are 3 reasons why every hookah lounge should use them!

Wind Covers Save You Money

The wind cover acts as a screen, that block the ambient air currents from prematurely burning through your coals. Air currents from your AC, fans or ventilation system are stoking your coals making them burn faster and you are using more coal with each bowl, which adds up over time. Wind covers also trap more heat and help to warm the entire bowl, so your hookah will smoke much better with few coals because of this extra efficiency. Using wind covers will lower your coal costs in the long run.

Wind Covers Keep Your Lounge Safe

Customers often take their heat management into their own hands and you probably catch them all the time trying to move coals with their car keys or their fingers! I have seen coals get knocked on the floor and customers walk out without saying anything. This can be dangerous. Having a wind cover over the bowl will discourage your customers from taking their coal rotation into their own hands and putting your business at risk.

Bowls with Wind Covers Smoke Better

As mentioned above, wind covers help to heat the bowl more evenly by trapping the heat around the bowl. This will give your customers a better session because the shisha cooks more evenly throughout the bowl. This provides bigger clouds with more flavor and you throw away much less un-smoked tobacco at the bottom of the bowl.

Wind Cover Specs:

Tiny: Height 5 3/4 inches, Diameter 3"

Small: Height 7 inches, Diameter 3 1/4"

Large: Height 7 1/2 inches, Diameter 3 3/4"

XL: Height 7 1/2 inches, Diameter 4"

Tall: Height 11 3/4 inches, Diameter 3 1/2"